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Hard Techno at its finest
Silly Cricket

Spaß mit Ernst betreiben

TausendGroove TG009 28. November 2005

  • Silly Cricket


V/A – Spaß mit Ernst betreiben

A1 Shockwave – Latino Groove
A2 Greg Kobe – Samba Del Diablo
B1 Bastian Ahrenz – New Start Of…
B2 Bassbottle – Silly Cricket
B3 Miss Remedy – Free Fall


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At ``The Hardest Rave Of Your Life`` #2, VOID Berlin, 12.10.2018

Bassbottle @ THROYL #2 – VOID Berlin 12.10.2018 (live sound)

A direct view into the DJ booth of famous VOID club in Berlin, where ambitious me was playing some fire Hardtechno tracks. The music was raging and all people went totally nuts. This party was super hot!

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