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Pilzpolka (Bassbottle remix)

Freude Am Leben (The 2013 remixes)

Schubfaktor SFLP002 5. April 2013

V/A – Freude Am Leben (The 2013 remixes)

1. Freude Am Leben
2. Freude Am Leben (Alex Kvitta Jackin remix)
3. Freude Am Leben (Bakalov D remix)
4. Freude Am Leben (Balthazar & Jackrock remix)
5. Freude Am Leben (Boris S remix)
6. Freude Am Leben (Golpe remix)
7. Freude Am Leben (Instigator remix)
8. Freude Am Leben (Leo Laker remix)
9. Freude Am Leben (Mechanical Brothers remix)
10. Freude Am Leben (Motormorfoses remix)
11. Freude Am Leben (Nox remix)
12. Freude Am Leben (Schranzofrenia remix)
13. Freude Am Leben (Svetec remix)
14. Freude Am Leben (Thomas Tribal & Gaetano Verdi remix)
15. Freude Am Leben (Xenex remix)
16. Pilzpolka
17. Pilzpolka (Alex Tb remix)
18. Pilzpolka (Andreas Kremer remix)
19. Pilzpolka (Arkus P remix)
20. Pilzpolka (Bassbottle remix)
21. Pilzpolka (DJ Ze Migl remix)
22. Pilzpolka (Matt M Maddox remix)
23. Pilzpolka (Mortal Sins remix)
24. Pilzpolka (Pasquale Maassen remix)
25. Pilzpolka (Q Ic remix)
26. Pilzpolka (Stephan Strube remix)
27. Pilzpolka (The Horrorist remix)
28. Pilzpolka (Valentine B remix)
29. Trauerwalzer
30. Trauerwalzer (Boiling Energy remix)
31. Trauerwalzer (DJ Bold remix)
32. Trauerwalzer (DJ Hammond remix)
33. Trauerwalzer (DJ Ocram remix)
34. Trauerwalzer (Jason Little remix)
35. Trauerwalzer (Mayhem Man remix)
36. Trauerwalzer (Mokushi remix)
37. Trauerwalzer (Monster Mush remix)
38. Trauerwalzer (Sepromatiq remix)
39. Trauerwalzer (Sutura remix)
40. Trauerwalzer (The Technotwins remix)
41. Trauerwalzer (Wildpitcher remix)


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20 June, 2017
Surgery 002


01 July, 2017
Raw Nuts Night

  Berlin (Germany)

02 September, 2017
Noise Is The Message

  Berlin (Germany)

19 September, 2017
Surgery 006: Shiver Of Horror

03 October, 2017
Surgery 007: Tear Down Walls

At PETDuo's Hard Education

Bassbottle @ PETDuo’s Hard Education

A direct view into the DJ booth of famous VOID club in Berlin, where ambitious me was playing some fire Hardtechno tracks. The music was raging and the party was super hot!

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