I found an interview that has been made with me in 2011 by Eilo.org. I was „artist of the weekend“.


EILO: First of all, we want to say thank you for being our artist of the weekend. It is such a pleasure to have a piece of you in our source. Now let me start with the questionnaire…

Everybody treats music differently and probably this is what makes the magic. How did everything begin with you?

BASSBOTTLE: First I wanna thank you for being part of your project. It’s a pleasure for me.

Well, everything started in my childhood. I’ve always been a very creative and musical monkey. I played my first selfmade songs on my small electric pianos, learned to play the guitar and was member of a choir for a few years. My whole life I had melodies in my mind and wanted to express what’s in my head. Sometimes completely abstract things awoke my interest, for example the buzzing of an electrical distribution panel or the fundamental tone of a home appliance. Today I sometimes still whistle melodies to the noise of my vacuum cleaner. And what a surprise, as a child I discovered electronic music. First as a consumer. But as you can imagine I had the wish to make my own music.As a teenager I searched for a possibility to do so. You know, today every child has a computer. But back then home computers were way less common than today. I remember myself making weird music with the Nintendo Mario Paint Composer (laughs). Then a friend showed me a four patterns program on his Amiga called ProTracker and I made my first complete track. I called it Rat-Catcher. Its melody I had in mind ages before. From that day I knew

my way. I got my first cheesy computer and tried a program called Techno-Maker. But very quickly I hit the brick wall with it. Then I got my hands on FastTracker II and found what I searched. The next years I produced hours and hours of music of every style. Around the turn of the millenium someone showed me Fruity Loops, a former program version of today’s FL Studio. That was the best thing ever happened to me, because the tracks quality improved and I had way more capabilities to do what I wanted. Until today I produce my music with FL Studio, because I’m so used to it and get results quickly.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From everywhere. Sometimes from other Hardtechno tracks, but also from different kinds of music. It merges in my head. Also melodies are still a very important part of my life. A few years ago it was very difficult to include melodies into Hardtechno, but luckily times have changed.

What about the moments that catch you alone? How do they affect your mind?

My mind is always busy. I work on ideas most of the time. I like photography and image editing, making short comedy movies like my „FabeMan TV“ series I wanna extend in the near future, writing stories and scripts, but also things like drawing, reading, recruiting soldiers for world domination, cooking, and of course spending time with my wonderful girlfriend.

What is your opinion about the modern sound and the way people get attracted by it?

The modern sound is different. But it’s the normal progress. And that’s good. It’s just sad to see people always complaining about changes. Well… sometimes I’m not better (laughs). We all should try not to stuck on a special sound and accurse everything else… like having blinders on. Some people feel like they’ve lost their heroes because many of the top artists suddenly changed their style of music. But don’t worry, new talents already followed. Just keep yourself open for new things. I have to do the same.

Tell us about your future activities.

As a musician there will be a few cool releases in the near future. And I will focus more on deejaying again. As a label owner I’m gonna work on the next releases for all you Sonic Speed Soldiers out there. The third Sonic Speed Records release will be a four tracks EP only with Bassbottle music. As a private person I’m gonna marry my girlfriend. We already began to rack our brains about the whole organisation.

If you must describe your style with a color what will it look like? Why?

Uh… that’s difficult. I don’t know which color exactly, but it would be a hard and strong color… and one very tender color. Because I always try to combine hard beats with emotional melodies. That’s what makes the magic in my eyes.

Which is the party that you will never forget?

I never forget a party!

What would you say for all of the people who use drugs?

Drugs have always been part of our culture, especially the music culture. It’s difficult to say something about it. I don’t do drugs. Sometimes I drink alcohol. Well, alcohol is also a drug. And it’s dangerous, too. It always depends on how you use drugs, how often you use it and which dose. Always remember: Your life isn’t over after your 30th or 40th birthday. Saying „I live in the now“ is just a cheap excuse. There’s a life after the now. And you’ll regret it if you took too much of the shit the guy with the nice smile gave you when you was younger. Make your experiences if you think you have to, but don’t misuse it. I talked to a few people who had been near to the border, but luckily got one’s act together. I sometimes thought about how different drugs would feel like, but my life is too precious for me to test it. I don’t need to know everything.

What is the most important thing for you in one track? Do we all need to search for the deep meaning?

My friends, THAT is a good question. I think it depends on the mood. If you search for answeres, you deserve music with a deeper meaning. If not, if you just wanna have fun, it’s enough to keep you interested, to keep you dancing and not bored. Some songs only make sense if you are in a special situation and suddenly you understand them.

Is producing music the best alternative for international success?

Music reaches everyone. Music goes beyond borders. Music tears down walls. Music brings us together. If you are talented and you show the people what you are able to do, there can be success for sure.

How do you treat your fans? How does their attention make you feel?

The fans are great! It’s still fascinating for me to see how my music attracts people from all over the world. It’s always an honour for me to get compliments. Really! And I try to answere every request. If I should forget someone, don’t be angry. Just remind me please. And keep spreading the word. Our army grows and grows!

Do you like our source (http://eilo.org/) ? Any suggestions?

I do. Maybe the artists should be able to care more about their own pages by themself. But Eilo.org is very professional! Keep up your good work.

Who is your favorite artist for all times and why?

I don’t know. There are so many things interesting me… I could never set on only one artist.

How do you select your tracks for a party? Do you follow a special label or it is all depends on the moment?

Before the party it depends on my personal mood. At the party it depends on the people’s mood.

When you get home after a very good party, what is on your mind?

Hunger… thirst… sleep…

Club or open area?

Club. I like being in dark and dirty rooms with flashing lights and loud music that echoes from the walls.

Think or feel?

Thinking is important. But in the end feeling is the better solution. Don’t be a slave of your thoughts. Trust your intuition.

Please, tell us your favorite thought and give us your wishes!

Always accept and respect your neighbours opinion, even if you don’t share it.

EILO.org supports you. Respect!

Thanks a lot for the interview! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you soldiers out there.