A few days ago some poor individual had a problem with me in traffic. For me it was nothing important. Just a childish immature guy not knowing where to channel his aggression.

If he would have had a real problem with me, it would have been enough to give the information from my license plate on my car to the police.

But one day later I suddenly got a message on Facebook. Somehow this guy found out on his own about who I am and where I live. Now he felt very exalted about having identified me and tried to intimidate me in a very psycho way. Besides the accusations he imposed on me where completely wrong. He seemed to feel like doing the right thing and really seemed to enjoy his power game. In the end he did nothing else but stalking and threatening me.

I had a very nice phone call with the local police and they know now about this guy and what he tried. If he’s going to make any wrong moves in the near future, he’ll get in big trouble. 😉

Hey you, if you read this, you’re by far not the first psychopath I have to deal with. There have already been others in my past. And most of them have been way more creative than you. I’m sorry for your boring life. If you think you’ve been able to scare me, you’re more than wrong. But if you really need that kind of attention, keep up shooting yourself in the foot. I lean back and watch it smiling. 🙂

To be continued…