Maybe you remember this story, when I told you I’ve been stalked by some silly bloke who tried to vent his mental issues on me and finally reported me to the police for fucking nothing. I reported him to the police also, because he offended me, stalked me and made wrong accusations. The officer at the police station already told me, this guy acted kind of overbearing and the driver of the car already slammed his statement, so it was obvious there’s something wrong.

The result after months was, the investigations against me have been scrapped unsurprisingly. Also the police told me, meanwhile more serious proceedings (because of something elsew) were initiatet against him, so the penalties in our case would carry no weigth. That’s why the case is closed for now. If his current case would not lead to any amercement, our case will be resumed.

Tiny gangster noob. Hahahahaha 😀 😀 😀

This is what you get. You iniciated that. More fool you! 😀