Sonic Speed Soldiers, members of the Bassbottle army, here you are able to find some fine guerilla missions, that will bring some more fun into your life. Of course you will be rewarded. For the prove of your accomplished guerilla mission, you will get a huge free pack with Bassbottle music.

Mission 1:

Junk Mail

Is your letterbox always full of annoying junk mail? Some of the companies enclose a prepaid reply envelope. Good for you, soldier. These envelopes are precious. Instead of throwing them away, do the following:

  • Print THIS FLYER
  • Fold it cleanly and put it into the envelope
  • Send the envelope back to the company

When it arrives, the company had to pay the postage (no costs for you) and became an advertising victim itself.

Take a photo/video of your guerilla mission and email us!


Mission 2:

Magazine Inserts

Want to do something real guerilla style?

  • Download THIS FLYER
  • Print it several times
  • Go up to the next kiosk, paper shop etc.
  • Insert the flyer into as many magazines and newspapers as possible
  • Escape from the scene
  • Eat some pleasant food and relax

Take a photo/video of your guerilla mission and email us!


Mission 3:

Fortune Cookies

This is going to be some yummie fun.

  • Visit THIS LINK
  • Order a random amount (from 1 piece) fortune cookies and insert the following three lines:

Join the Bassbottle army!
Become a Sonic Speed Soldier! |

When your ordered cookies arrive, you can smuggle them to the next chinese restaurant and put them into the bowles, on the tables and so on. Or you replace them with the cookies you got for dinner and let them go back to the kitchen. For sure the next guests will get them and noone will smell a rat.

Take a photo/video of your guerilla mission and email us!


Mission 4:

Sock Puppet Show

Kermit would be proud of you. And so will I. And all other soldiers.

  • Make your own puppet of an old sock portraying Bassbottle, a friend or yourself (or just take the sock as it is)
  • Hide behind something and begin to record a video of yourself playing the puppet
  • At the same time, play your favourite Bassbottle track in the background
  • Say something or just kid around
  • Upload your movie to Youtube and Facebook and share it with the hashtag #sonicspeedsockpuppet

Show your guerilla mission and email us!


Mission 5:

Sonic Speed Soldiers Clothing

You shall be recognized as a proud member of our army.

Take a photo/video and email us!