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Bassbottle @ THROYL #3 (VOID Berlin) audio

11 Dezember 2018

Me at „The Hardest Rave Of Your Life 3“ at club VOID in Berlin, 1st December 2018. I played Bassbottle tracks only. Enjoy! Like, share and follow me on Soundcloud! 🙂 PS: If you listen closely, you can hear the crowd (and also me, kekeke). Thanks a lot for your energy!

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Bassbottle @ THROYL #2 (VOID Berlin) Video

15 Oktober 2018

Thank you party people of The Hardest Rave Of Your Life #2. Even if I had to leave early after my set I had a very good time playing for you. Thanks for your positive feedback. Here’s my video recording. Enjoy! Pictures of the timetables…  

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Bassbottle @ The Hardest Rave Of Your Life #2

26 August 2018

Be there! Check out the event!

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Bassbottle @ Raw Nuts Night „Freitag der 13.“ | 13.4.18, VOID Berlin

29 Mai 2018

Finally the video recording of my Raw Nuts Night „Freitag der 13.“ mix. Raw audio. 😉  

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DJ Set: Bassbottle @ Cause Night 10.03.2018

14 März 2018

This party was such a blast! Here’s my recorded mix for download.

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