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Gulasch Mit Kartoffeln EP

Bullshit BULLSHIT 009 25. January 2011

  • Heartbeat


  • Drunk Hoe


  • Make Me Dance


  • Russian Pirates


  • Marching Forward


Bassbottle – Gulasch Mit Kartoffeln EP

1. Heartbeat
2. Drunk Hoe
3. Make Me Dance
4. Russian Pirates
5. Marching Forward

Bassbottle’s new EP is called ‚goulash with potatoes‘, but it sounds like they themselves live on a strict diet of cheap cider and PCP, with gabba, hardcore punk and schranz on the stereo. ‚Heartbeat‘ is their most adventurous outing, a filtered melodic techno track that they then proceed to cover in a layer of crunchy, noisy glitch. ‚Drunk Hoe‘ and ‚Russian Pirates‘ follow a more conventional trajectory towards the borders of hard dance – with the latter featuring a hilarious Russian folk song sample – while ‚Make Me Dance‘ is the most intense track. Featuring sledgehammer beats, feedback riffs and an improbably fast tempo, it bizarrely but rather brilliantly breaks down to an MC saying ‚make me dance‘.